Instead of asking yourself why buy a Vespa, think in terms of why not buy a Vespa?

First, Vespa is the world’s best manufactured motor scooter and certainly, the most attractive two-wheel vehicle on Earth. Also, contrary to popular belief, you need not be Italian to enjoy the marvelous exhilarating Vespa experience. The scooter eagerly welcomes any and all riders but do remember that the true discriminating rider, like you, invariably selects the Vespa as his or her preferred mode of transportation. For once you bond with your Vespa; you will adopt each other’s unique personality. Yes, you will become as freewheeling and intrepid as the delightful Vespa.

Vespa riders quickly discover that even everyday travel becomes a memorable adventure. A daily commute into the city, a last-minute errand, a fast Saturday trip to the farmer’s market – suddenly you’ll look for reasons to twist the throttle and go. Yes, you will find yourself making excuses to share life’s ecstasies with your new companion for the length of your devoted relationship. Is time on your side? Then switch gears without ever shifting and take your Vespa away for the weekend or a leisurely jaunt to destination unknown. Stuck in traffic? Your Vespa is your congestion escape clause.

Plus, there is the added bonus of protecting our eco-environment as you whisk along on your Vespa at an unbelievable rate exceeding sixty miles per gallon. A mere two and one-half gallons will provide over one hundred-fifty blissful miles of serenity.

Wherever you choose to ride, you’ll get there with a minimum of fuel, a maximum of fun and plenty of storage space to bring your laptop or that gallon of organic milk. And if it’s raining cats and dogs or you need to transport six instead of just you or two, go ahead and give your Vespa the day off. While your favorite ride is tucked away in its small and efficient parking space, you’ll log guilt-free miles on other transportation. Why? Because for every mile traveled on your fuel-efficient Vespa, you’ve already made a lasting contribution to conserving our nation’s energy resources, the environment and the mental health of congestion-weary fellow travelers.

So, visit us to experience the enticing joy of owning a Vespa!